Blood Oranges by Kathleen Tierney

Blood Oranges* *

Blood Oranges

Kathleen Tierney

Spoiler Free (Goodreads version)

This, to put it bluntly, not your typical teenaged-protagnist vampire or werewolf story.

In the wrong spot at the right time – or vice versa – Quinn gets mistaken for a demon-hunter, and finds herself catapulted into the supernatural world. Eventually, her lack of skills and her drug habit catch up with her, and she finds herself bitten by a werewolf. Before the wolf can devour her like Little Red’s grandma, he’s killed by a vampire. This vampire tells Quinn that she wants her for revenge and to use her as a weapon before she turns her, creating a werepire. The book quickly dissolves into a mystery as Quinn attempts to discover the what’s and why’s of her change, and ultimately, who set her up to get attacked.

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Everneath by Brodi Ashton


* * *


Brodi Ashton

SPOILER WARNING. (Goodreads version with hidden spoilers)

Nikki Beckett has come back from hell. And she only has six months to live.

After agreeing to allow an Everliving to Feed off her emotions for a century, Nikki Beckett, with the face of her boyfriend etched into her memory, returns to the surface world. There, she faces her limited time to say goodbye, and the chance to change her fate. Haunted by the Everliving who fed from her, she is offered the chance to save her soul from one hellish fate by choosing the alternative: becomes the monster that she hates.

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Welcome to Hell

So, after being pushed to do this by a friend, I have decided to take my sarcasm thoughts to the internet. One more mouth spewing words into a void where no one will find them. But, who wants to be that pessimistic? I don’t think I want to. I do however think my friend was just sick of me blabbering on about books, writing and publishing. That’s not pessimism. That’s realism.

So, what ideas do I have for this blog? I suppose whatever the Young Adult industry has to throw at us teens. So who knows how annoyed I’ll get for this.

A blog of reviews and thoughts, tossed into the virtual void.

Let’s see if we can make the teenager snap, shall we?